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Compassion Encircles the Earth for All Beings Everywhere 

by Judy Carman, M. A., and Will Tuttle, Ph. D.

To join the Prayer Circle for Animals, send e-mail to Judy Carman. 


Action and Prayer—a powerful combination. The Prayer Circle for Animals (PCA) is a non-denominational circle of people devoted to using the power of prayer, meditation, and/or focused thought to liberate all animals from human oppression and exploitation.  PCA believes that, by adding the power of prayer to all the other animal rights work currently being done, this powerful circle of prayers will strengthen us all, hasten the transformation we are seeking, and more intensely awaken, within people, the ever-loving presence of Spirit in this noble cause.


The deep-seated cause of animal suffering. PCA believes that animal cruelty and exploitation are symptoms of a deeply embedded and misguided cultural belief system that maintains that human beings have the right to commodify, exploit, enslave, and kill whomever society deems “less than human.”  Together we are addressing the cause of animal suffering holistically, both physically through action, and metaphysically by spiritually encircling and embracing the world with an energy field of compassion and reverence for all beings.  We must not underestimate how powerful our thoughts and prayers can be.


PCA honors all traditions. PCA honors the prayer traditions of all religions and encourages participants to use forms of prayer, meditation, or focused thought that are comfortable.  There are no requirements to joining the Prayer Circle for Animals other than an interest in helping animals through prayer and a willingness to commit to prayerfully repeating at least once daily this Universal Prayer for the Animals in a heartfelt mood of thanksgiving for the ongoing manifestation of love and peace on earth.


Here is the daily prayer.




Suggestions for expanding your commitment. PCA offers several suggestions for expanding your commitment beyond the daily prayer. 

  1. Because prayer gains power and effectiveness when our very lives are reflections of our prayers, we encourage participants to adopt a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle.  Such a commitment involves not using animals for food, clothing, beauty and cleaning products, exploitative entertainment, and other forms of abuse and oppression. Also, eating organically grown foods helps protect birds, wildlife, and insects from pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins.
  2. Besides setting time aside daily for the prayer, PCA also encourages participants to join together for prayer vigils at such places as slaughterhouses, factory farms, circuses, zoos, racetracks, hunts, research facilities, and fast-food restaurants.
  3. We recommend (but do not require) taking this vow to participate in the Prayer Circle for Animals: “For the rest of my life, I vow to do all I can to stop the suffering of feeling creatures.  I will not abuse, kill, or treat animal beings as commodities, or ask others to do so for me.  I vow to do what I can to bring caring, freedom, kindness, compassion, and respect to all my animal brothers and sisters who love life and want to live and be free.”
  4. If you wish to spend more time in meditation regarding a certain animal or a particular atrocity, we offer this outline for affirmative prayer as a helpful guide.  Affirmative prayer can be adapted to any religious tradition and fits just as well outside any particular doctrine.  Affirmative prayer is different from some prayer styles, because rather than asking for changes in the way animals are treated, affirmative prayer affirms the understanding that all living beings are manifestations of Infinite Spirit and that the desired change already exists in truth and is waiting to be manifested in the material world.  There are six steps:
    1. Acknowledge the problem or challenge, e.g., 48 billion land animals and 89 million tons of marine animals are killed in the world for food each year.
    2. Know that the problem has no real power, for only love has permanent, infinite, and eternal power.
    3. Understand and prayerfully affirm that the best and most loving outcome already exists on the spiritual plane and is already taking form.
    4. Give thanks and open all your senses to imagine and feel right now in the present moment that this loving outcome is real.
    5. Feel your oneness with the universe, with the Divine, and with the answered prayer and the beings involved.
    6. Release it with joy to the nurturing care of Spirit


The spiritual connection between animal beings and human beings grows out of the understanding that we are all expressions of an infinite loving Presence, and as we acknowledge this interconnection and live in harmony with it, our very lives become prayers of compassion and healing.


The Prayer Circle for Animals was initiated by Will Tuttle and Judy Carman.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please spread the word and ask others to join our Circle.  As each new person adds his or her voice, the power of our vision grows and draws it closer to manifestation.  We are working together in one spirit with the animals to create the most massive paradigm shift ever known on this planet.  We are praying together and envisioning together the dawning of an entirely new humanity—one that finally and truly understands that all life is sacred and interconnected.


Thank you for joining the Prayer Circle for Animals.  You are a true hero to the dear animals of earth and to us as well.


“Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.” Albert Schweitzer


Questions or comments?  Send e-mail to Judy Carman.  




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