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Protesting Animal-based Meals at Religious Community Events

This is a very good example of how to tactfully, yet forthrightly, approach one's church/temple/mosque any time they (usually) thoughtlessly plan to break bread by spilling the blood of "the least of these." It (and most of these other letters) could be published on the website under a broad category of this sort, e.g. Protesting Animal-based Meals at Religious Community Events.

Dear Larry,

As you know, Sherri and I are ethical vegans, and the kids are vegetarian. We are also members of PETA, as you may know. Anyway, PETA is making a nationwide (probably worldwide) effort to engage churches that base events around meat, exposing the cruelty to animals involved and offering vegetarian alternatives.

When I went to my inbox tonight, there was the PETA alert below in regard to Christ Church. They protested something similar at St. Edward's Catholic Church (over by the Arts Center) not long ago.

You've probably been contacted by PETA, or by some of their members. While some of what PETA does may seem over the top to non-vegetarians, I believe it is always motivated by compassion and empathy for the "least of these," and the most voiceless of creatures. I've never known PETA to be substantially wrong on the facts, or prone to exaggeration; they are pretty much telling it like it is.

Sherri and I are definitely NOT assertive nor confrontational; but since this has come up, we must say that we do find the Men's Steak Dinner series deeply offensive personally, and ironic in the extreme as it coincides with the arrival of the new curate of Christ Church who is an ethical vegetarian who, I believe, is as deeply offended by meat as we are.

We have greatly enjoyed attending the 6:00 pm jazz Eucharist at Christ Church, the most progressive church we've ever attended.

Only in recent years have we come to realize how completely true it is that non-violence is a seamless garment; that non-violence among humans will never prevail as long as violence and cruelty against sentient beings that don't happen to be human is allowed, tolerated, and promoted.

Please let us know what the situation is in regard to the Steak-based event, and what you anticipate the outcome to be.

We can speak from first-hand experience, the veggie dogs and vegetarian chili offered by PETA is DELICIOUS! We hope the church will take them up on the offer.

Hope, peace, & love,

Robert M. Andrews

Basis of letter:
Welcome to PETA Action Alerts e-News for the week of August 12, 2003!

Urge Christ Church to Cancel Steak Night

Christ Church in Little Rock plans to hold a men's steak dinner night despite activists' pleas to have mercy on cows who are the victims of factory farming, living miserable and pain-filled lives before being crushed into a transport truck and sent to slaughter, where many are dismembered while fully conscious. Add your voice to the chorus to spare these gentle animals!


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