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Protesting meat eating

[Letter written to the Shambhala Sun]

Dear editor,

I was disturbed to find that your March, 2003 food column ["The The Case of the Mysterious Sandwich"] celebrated the author's craving for an exotic sandwich featuring "charcuterie," a trendy French word that means the sliced up flesh of beings who lived short, joyless lives on factory farms and died in terror in a slaughterhouse to satisfy the cravings of people who should know better.

In The Words of My Perfect Teacher, Patrul Rinpoche says, "The beings with unfortunate karma that we are supposed to be protecting are instead being killed without the slightest compassion, and their boiled flesh and blood are being presented to us, and we gobble it up gleefully, smacking our lips. What could be worse than that?"

I hope that in the future your otherwise outstanding magazine will treat us to less lip-smacking and more compassion for the ten-billion beings who suffer and die every year to satisfy our addiction to their flesh.

Norm Phelps


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