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Responding to a Pig Roast #5

Dear editor,

Re "Animal rights group cries foul ..." (Aug 7):

I have no authority to tell Bloomsburg Baptist Church parishioners what to eat. But I ask that they consider a simple question:

If you and your family, having lovingly raised a piglet from birth to childhood on your small farm, led him trustingly away one day to the local butcher, what would you say to him (if only in your heart) as you sent him to his death? Would you feel like a parent that has betrayed a child? Would you leave him to his fate, feeling at peace with God and creation? And would God and creation still be at peace with you?

If this thought of taking Babe to market disturbs you, could it be a sign that the compassionate nature of civilised human beings is best suited to loving animals, not eating them?

Syd Baumel

Part of article being responded to is below.

Animal rights group cries foul over church's planned pig roast

By Susan Gamble 

Thursday, August 07, 2003 - 01:00

. . . . [Bruce] Friedrich's letter attacks the practice of factory-farming, where pigs "are never allowed to feel the grass beneath their feet and the sun upon their face. . ." But [Rev.] Burr says the organization has the wrong pig. The one that will be served at Sunday's event is a family farm-raised animal that comes from a local butcher. "Perhaps they are trying to appeal to us morally, but they don't know my background," said Burr. "I was raised on a farm and we raised pigs." Burr said that he, too, can't support factory-farming animals, but that has little to do with the pig roast that will take place. . . .


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