Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians

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Send e-mail to Stephen Kaufman, MD (SERV coordinator)

SERV discussion group

This is a Yahoo! discussion group.  First get a Yahoo account.  To get a "Yahoo" account, go to and click on "Sign in -- New users -- click here to register" (top left of page).  Then, send e-mail to the Yahoo! group which tells them you want to join.  You do not need to include any message.  They will send you a confirmation request message asking for you to confirm you really want to join this group.  After you reply to this confirmation request message, you will be subscribed to the group.

United States

Stephen Kaufman
P.O. Box 201791
Cleveland, Ohio, USA 44120
phone/fax 216-283-6702

Richard Schwartz
Acting Coordinator, SERV
Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
College of Staten Island
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY USA 10314 
(718) 761-5876