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The opinions expressed in the following articles do not necessarilly reflect the views of all SERV members.

Soul Meets Body
By Vasu Murti

Sacrifice in Islam
By Norm Phelps

Use a Sharp Knife: Animals and Islam
By Norm Phelps

On “Direct Action” Activism: Why violence should never be an option
By Bruce Friedrich and Peter Singer

Press Release (January 1, 2002)

Life as a Vegetarian Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner: A Personal View
By Eileen Weintraub

Spirituality and Your Diet, is there a Connection?
By Meria Heller

Vegetarianism: A Spiritual Imperative?
By Richard Schwartz

Church Silence Promotes Violence
By Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman

Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing Others: How Mindful Food Choices Reduce Suffering
By Kate Lawrence

Is Nothing Sacred?  Religion and Animal Liberation
By Keith Akers

The Universal Prayer Circle for Animals
By Judy Carman and Will Tuttle

The Order of the Cross
By Gabriel Buist

How to Encourage Christians to be Vegan
By Julie Eyrich

Does God Support Factory Farms?
By Bruce Friedrich

Eighteen Reasons Jews Think They Should Not Be Vegetarians (And Why They Are Wrong)
Richard H. Schwartz

Flesh As Food
By Ellen G. White

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